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10 Years And Running!

It is that time of year when my LinkedIn Anniversary pops up and I get the “congrats on your anniversary” messages. This year is different, it is my 10th with PrizeLogic. A major milestone for me and PL. (How many companies make it 10 years from scratch?) My streak continues as I have never had a job this long (passed that at 7 years). We decided to start a company 10 years ago in the worst economic time in the last 70 years.

Back when we started we were the original Plan B. The only way we would get hired was if someone else said “no.” After working with us, our Plan B clients made us their Plan A. I will never forget that business lesson that if you push back on your clients, there is always a Plan B company waiting for you.

One of the lessons along the way has been to build your reputation and take a long-term approach. You will eventually benefit from that. “Client is King” is something our people hear all the time. They are used to it and it is engrained in our culture. I guess it worked?

We had this “bucket list” of accomplishments we wanted to do in 2007 and guess what; much of that list has been scratched off. Every so often I open it and share it with our team to remind them of how far we have come. We now add stuff to the list, but the 2007 list is darn near scratched out.

We built this company with a lot of sweat, some luck, great work leading to more great work, and great people recognizing what needed to get done. Being hungry is something one never forgets, and we have been hungry. It is a motivator.


– Keith Simmons, CEO

PrizeLogic is now part of Clarus Commerce, the leader in premium loyalty solutions.