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3 Ways Restaurants Can Impact Their Delivery & Takeout Business

In these uncertain times, many restaurants are quickly adapting their delivery and takeout model to bolster sales. But, how can they continue to drive awareness and adoption of these channels when customers are conditioned to eating out? In the wake of social distancing, necessity is driving the need to evolve.

Here are some forward-thinking brands that successfully incentivized off-premise behaviors and awareness:

Increase App Order Ahead & Delivery Usage, Purchase, and Adoption

McDonald’s “The Golden Shamrock Shake Sweepstakes”

Celebrating the release of its seasonal fan fave, the Shamrock Shake, McDonald’s rewarded customers who used its Mobile Order & Pay and McDelivery services with a chance to win an 18k gold embellished shake cup. To participate, customers simply placed a qualifying order for a Shamrock Shake or OREO Shamrock McFlurry through either channel to be automatically entered to win the coveted cup – with no need for a costly or time-consuming app update.

Stimulate Cross-channel Loyalty Sales and Order Ahead Functionality

Subway “Golden Token”

In another creative example of avoiding app integration (an operational headache for restaurants who want to move fast), Subway rewarded its customers using MyWay Rewards online, in-app, and in-store with a chance to instantly win gift cards. To participate, customers make a qualifying purchase with MyWay Rewards and receive an email with a unique URL that awards them an instant win game play and sweepstakes entry.

Build Awareness of Delivery Service Through Unique Prizing

Chili’s “Chili-fy Your House”

Chili’s gave guests a chance to “Chili-fy” their house so they could enjoy home delivery without missing the restaurant’s ambiance. To enter, guests answer a series of questions online, then 10 hand-selected finalists submit videos explaining why they should win the room redo. Chili’s then filmed the renovation process in the style of a home makeover show, complete with an exciting final reveal to the homeowner: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b_uUiU0PQmw

Challenging times foster innovation across all sectors. Some of these changes will have a lasting positive impact when things return to the new normal. Granted, many companies like the restaurants mentioned have previously been focused on incentivizing these behaviors, but in the current climate, the need for off-premise growth is paramount to a restaurant’s survival. Companies who continue to innovate will weather this storm and set themselves up for future success.



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