PrizeLogic’s SVP Legal Affairs, Adam Rubin, will be presenting at two of the top promotion law conferences this fall.  We work hard and take pride in our industry leadership when it comes to promotion law.  As we quickly head into 2016 the expectation is the legal landscape will continue to evolve especially as it relates to security, social media promotion tactics, and mobile usage and regulations.

Please check out the schedule and hope to see you there…

  1. American Conference Institute’s 4th Annual Summit on Digital Advertising Compliance: Social Media, Sweepstakes & Promotions – (New York, 10/20 – 10/21) Topic: Demystifying the FTC’s .com Disclosures and Endorsement Guidelines in a Hashtag, on the Small Screen, or in 140 Characters or Less
  2. Brand Activation Association’s 37th Marketing Law Conference-Walking the Line: Between Innovation and Regulation – (Chicago, 11/9 – 11/11) Topic: Just What is Going On: The Surge in TCPA Litigation and Opt Out/In Issues

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