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3 Brands That Successfully Used Trade-ins as a Marketing Incentive

Our CMO, Matthew Kates, discusses how brands can use trade-ins as a marketing incentive in a recent AdWeek article. 

“The idea of using trade-ins to drive sales may conjure images of the automotive industry. But this marketing strategy is now being embraced by another less obvious category: food products.

From pizza to sausage to even a donut brand has begun offering trade-in programs. And it’s easy to see why when the benefits of this approach go beyond just sales. Trade-in incentives also deliver on marketing strategies like customer conquests, stimulating social advocacy and reinforcing brand positioning.

Having trouble picturing a trade-in program for anything besides selling cars? Here are three creative and effective ways food brands have employed the concept.”

Read the full article here:3 Brands That Successfully Used Trade-Ins as a Marketing Incentive



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