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Apple Changing the iPhone Tracks Users May Affect Data Collection

Apple has announced that it will start curtailing how users of its iPhones will have their personal data collected when its new operating system is upgraded to iOS 14. Even though Apple said the changes were being delayed until the start of 2021 to give app developers and websites more time to adapt their services, the change could mean an alteration in how retailers utilize their customer engagement activities.

A key privacy feature in the operating system will be a new option that allows users to disable tracking between different applications. Already, applications such as Facebook have warned that the changes to the Apple iOS could curtail the way it uses advertisements on its app, suggesting that revenues from its Audience Network business.

An Apple spokesperson told media outlets that the company welcomes targeted advertising, but it wants to give users the ability to opt into those types of ads. They say that if someone doesn’t want to be tracked, Apple will inform the app’s developer that it needs to make sure the app is complying with the new restrictions. Apple says it could ban any app that continues to track users against their wishes.

“The balance of power is shifting to the Consumer,” says Ryan LaMirand, CEO of PrizeLogic. “The days of grafting consumer information without consent or real value exchange for the consumer is quickly coming to an end. Brands will need to do more to directly engage their consumers via meaningful value exchanges.”

Read the full article here: Apple Changing the iPhone Tracks Users May Affect Data Collection

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