Beringer Founders’ Estate invites you to enter the GREAT STEAK CHALLENGE.

If you want to grill like a master, check out and enter for a chance to win an Outdoor Grilling Station from Beringer, “The Official Wine of Steak” and sponsor of Chopped Grill Masters.

You can also text “GRILL” to 87963 for a chance to win the grand prize.  Then there are text options to “choose your prize” by using 1 of 5 other keywords for a chance to win prizes valued at $5K plus be entered for the grand prize!

Enter daily for your chance to bring the battle home with your own outdoor grilling station (and potentially one of the five additional prizes!).

For culinary inspiration, watch Chopped Grill Masters, filmed at Beringer Winery, coming to Food Network in July.

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