Campbell’s Chunky Soup has launched an innovative sweepstakes program leveraging 6 NFL Players.  The Everyman All-Star League payout gives 3 participants the change to win a trip to Super Bowl LI.  In addition to the 3 trips there are autographed helmets by the 6 stars, and also $100 gift cards up for grabs.

There is a UGC element with true engagement that is part of the simple entry process. Create your custom player card and submit for approval, and maybe you will make one of the 6 team rosters showcased on the site.

The copy on the site says it all…A League for the Regular Guys. Whether you’re a fix-anything dude, a stat geek, or a work-week grinder,  this is your chance to be an all-star. Six of the NFL’s best are looking to draft YOU to be on THEIR team. Are you everyman enough? Create your Everyman All-Star card, get on a team, and register for a chance to win Super Bowl LI tickets, autographed gear, and more!

Check it out at .  And to view theChunky soup presents The Everyman All-Star League – DRAFT DAY click here:



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