Brooks Big Endorsement Deal

Custom Campaign


Brooks wanted to develop a promotional campaign that would create a meaningful connection with everyday runners; a connection that would extend well beyond the promotional timeframe.


The Brooks Big Endorsement Deal encouraged everyday athletes around the world to register and literally "sign with the company."

Making light of competitor shoe companies spending millions for pro athlete endorsements, the Brooks Big Endorsement Deal paid each newly sponsored runner $1 so they too could be recognized as a professional athlete. In addition to bragging rights, Brooks-endorsed athletes got the full superstar athlete treatment including recipes, training tips, an official contract and a welcome letter from Brooks CEO Jim Weber. Endorsed athletes could also upload a photo of themselves to create a meme featuring their athlete ID showing that they are now a sponsored Brooks Athlete.

Nearly 58,000 runners became officially-endorsed Brooks athletes exceeding the campaign goal of 20,000. The brand investment of the Brooks sponsorship promotion is roughly equivalent to adding one top-tier professional runner to its roster.