Join the Bold Percent

Engagement Hub


A scientific study revealed that Listerine users are statistically more likely to do bold things. For the launch of a new marketing campaign to promote these findings, the brand wanted a promotion that would invite consumers to purchase Listerine and “Bring Out The Bold.”


We launched the Join the Bold Percent Engagement Hub, offering consumers a chance to win bold-themed prizes for engaging with brand content and purchasing Listerine.

Participants could instantly win prizes by taking a brief personality quiz to see how bold they really are, and earn chances to win bold adventures such as skydiving and a helicopter tour of a volcano by completing actions like answering a daily poll, checking their Oral Health IQ, or signing up for the brand’s newsletter.

By uploading a Listerine purchase receipt, participants could prove they were "100% ready for anything" and earn chances to win the boldest adventures of all.