Tax Time with Jackson Hewitt

Digital Rebate


Activate Samsung’s partnership with Jackson Hewitt to turn tax season into a purchase occasion by encouraging consumers to buy a Samsung television with their tax refund.


The Samsung Tax Time with Jackson Hewitt rebate program created value for both brands — offering consumers a compelling reason to have their taxes done at Jackson Hewitt while driving Samsung TV purchases.

When Jackson Hewitt customers purchase a Samsung TV valued at $500 or more, they receive a $100 rebate in the form of a digital gift card. Our SmartReceipt 2.0 platform streamlines the redemption process — participants simply register online and upload receipts showing their two qualifying purchases (Samsung purchase & Jackson Hewitt tax service), and can then track their rebate status in real time to reduce customer service costs.

The digital receipt process also allows participants to opt-in to Samsung’s CRM program, which can turn their tax season purchase into a long-term relationship.