T-Mobile Tuesdays

Loyalty Platform


T-Mobile wanted to thank its customers by offering a loyalty program they could get excited about to improve retention in this highly competitive category.


T-Mobile Tuesdays is a first-of-its-kind loyalty program that rewards customers with new perks each week as part of their service contract.

To redeem “free stuff” and play for chances to win bonus prizes, customers simply download the app or visit the site. Rewards are stored in each customer’s virtual wallet and can be redeemed at their discretion.

The program includes sharing and gifting components to turn loyal customers into lead-generating advocates, and features partnership opportunities for a wide range of brands to share in the provider’s "halo effect" and add value for its customers.

More than 80 million customers participated in T-Mobile Tuesdays and the campaign generated 15 million downloads and 41 million prize redemptions. T-Mobile has seen an increase in retention and customer satisfaction, as well as an increase in the likelihood of its customers to both retain and recommend its services.