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Social Media Promotions

Reward consumers for making your brand part of the conversation across social channels.

Social promotions can be as simple as inviting consumers to post content on a brand’s page, or as involved as ‘hacking’ the existing functionality of a social network to engage fans and followers in a whole new way (while staying legally compliant to the platform, of course). By making connections across Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Snapchat, you can increase brand awareness and relevancy, inspire authentic advocacy, and drive sales. Social promotions also help you build one-to-one relationships with each and every participant.

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Which marketing objectives do social media programs achieve?

  • Social Acquisition
  • Social Engagement
  • Content creation & sharing
  • Social buzz & virality
  • Customer advocacy
  • Brand ambassador identification
  • Reviews & testimonials
  • Social Commerce
  • Awareness

Social channels

Social media promotion solutions:

Participants include a social hashtag with their post to enter, and the winner or winners are selected via social aggregation

Participants comment on a brand’s post or series of posts for the chance to win a prize

Participants view a live stream of branded content for the chance to win a prize

Participants post original content to a brand’s social page for the chance to win a prize

Participants follow clues on social networks to participate and/or enter via the platform’s native functionality (like applying Snapchat geofilters to their photos before direct messaging them to the brand’s Snapchat account)

Program Enhancements

Seamlessly integrate across partners, platforms and channels

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Better understand your promotion participants

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Drive program participation more efficiently with your existing media

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