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Cheers to 11 Years!

Work anniversaries are like rings on a tree, and every October Linkedin reminds me to add a ring. Unfortunately, the anniversary also lines up with my birthday, so I am getting the double whammy of rings on a tree and a birthday – I am much happier about the work anniversary than the birthday.

Eleven years and what have we done? My three partners and I bootstrapped an idea that promotions should be done flawlessly; we shouldn’t be fighting with our clients, and they just want to hear “yes, we have your back.” We knew that our largest competitor was struggling with all those issues and it was an opportunity for us. The only way a little guy like us would get hired was if someone else said “no.” We were the original Plan B, but once a brand worked with us, we became Plan A moving forward.

We embraced being Plan B and ran with it. We came up with a term called OSNW as the reason we got hired. (Oh Shit Now What). It was a rallying cry for all of us to recognize it is a hairy world and we solved a problem, and if we didn’t, someone else would. To this day, we pay homage to OSNW in it is in the back of our business cards and we have a conference room named after it. We embrace complex problems and “handle them” for our clients.

11 years later, a world-class company that has accomplished so much, and helped our people change their lives. We have done great work for our clients that we can be proud of. We have given away houses, hundreds of cars, 100k to a lucky instant winner, and millions of dollars in prizes (even a cow). We have done it with class and maintain an A+ BBB rating (hard to do with thousands of winners every year).

I had a bucket list of things to accomplish back in 2007, and you would be amazed at how many things are scratched off the list (maybe I needed a larger bucket). We are home to so many great people I can’t thank them enough for the help along the way. We did this together.

I am humbled and cheers to 11 years!

– Keith Simmons
CEO & Co-Founder

PrizeLogic is now part of Clarus Commerce, the leader in premium loyalty solutions.