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    Our Customer Data Platform seamlessly combines industry leading insights with turnkey data activation to more effectively drive behavior across the customer journey.

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    Our turnkey solution that provides executional flexibility and cost savings, all within an expedited timeline.

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Engage Insights

Better understand your customers with Engage Insights.

PrizeLogic 1st Party Engagement Data + 3rd Party

Consumer Insights


We create 360-degree consumer profiles by seamlessly combining the first-party data collected from PrizeLogic incentivized engagements with third-party consumer insights so you can make more informed decisions, identify opportunities, and create compelling consumer experiences.

Actionable Engagement and Consumer Insights Solutions

  • Identity Insights: Incentivized engagement collects rich, authentic first-party data gathered from promotion, rebate and loyalty program registration and engagement including name, address, email, phone number and more.
  • Consumer Insights: No matter how well you know your customers, there is always more to understand. Engage Customer Insights dashboards provide more than 30 summarized consumer insights reports that encompass multiple data categories, including audience demographics, financial health, auto ownership, purchase history, interests and more.
  • Engagement Insights: Discover more ways to successfully engage and retain your very best customers by collecting rich, authentic first-party data gathered from a wide variety of engagement program actions like channel preferences, preferred engagement types and frequency of use.
  • Incentive Insights: Learn more about the types of incentives or rewards that will compel to your customers to connect with your brand in meaningful ways and stay engaged.
  • Rebates & Offers Insights: Understand and optimize your rebate and offer programs.
  • Loyalty Insights: Understand your loyalty program’s earnings, redemptions, participation, segmentation, reactivation and much more. Establish deeper relationships with your loyalty members, from occasional to transactional to emotional connections and ultimately foster brand advocacy.
  • Receipt Insights: Our receipt validation capability provides insight into items purchased such as brand, price, quantity, retailer, location, payment method, day of the week and time purchased.
  • Purchase Insights: Better understand consumers based on what they buy and where they buy it.
  • Customer Data Insights: Your first-party data is more valuable than ever. Gain a more complete understanding of your consumer data, its completeness, recency, accuracy and discover new ways to fill in meaningful gaps through direct customer engagement.
  • Custom Analysis: Build engagement and data capture strategies around your next consumer engagement to capitalize on the most timely and valuable opportunities with your customers. Drive insights in both company and vertical specific views.
PrizeLogic is now part of Clarus Commerce, the leader in premium loyalty solutions.