“How Evoking Creativity From Children Can Lead to the Next Big Idea”



Kids have quite a few tricks up their sleeves when given the right resources:


“What is the next big idea?” That’s the question marketers and agencies get asked all the time.

While many people suffer from big idea burnout, there’s a never-ending source of big ideas right under our noses. Walt Disney put it best when he said, “Our greatest natural resource is the minds of our children.” And while most people would readily acknowledge the creative power of the adolescent mind, the under-18 crowd is usually left out when a brand runs a contest asking for the best ideas since over 90 percent of contests are only open to adults. Anyone familiar with running promotions knows there are very rational reasons for this, the most obvious being all the legal hurdles required to allow kids to participate. But for some brands, cultivating the best ideas is worth a little more effort.


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