“How To Use Tech To Foster Short-Term Loyalty With Target Audiences”



The solution for commitment-phobic marketers:


All brands want to foster more loyal relationships with their consumers. But when it comes to investing in a loyalty program, many experience what can best be described as a fear of commitment. Their reasons are completely rational; it’s a big step, and the concerns marketers grapple with are strikingly similar to what many people feel in their personal relationships. They range from the classic “I need my freedom” (the long-term commitment could limit future marketing options) to the historical “I’ve been burned before” (they’ve been scarred by a past loyalty program experience) to the worry that “Things will get complicated” (operational considerations, cross-functional inputs and added pressure).

While these are all valid concerns, there are now more options for loyalty-cautious brands. With advancements in technology and new marketing platforms, it’s possible to create cost-efficient and highly effective short-term loyalty programs. Such technological advancements have also led to an evolution in the ways that loyalty mechanics can be applied to motivate a wider range of behaviors.


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