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Promotions and Prizing in a Pandemic

If the last year and a half has taught promotion law attorneys anything, it’s that there really are world events that can affect our promotions on a very large scale. COVID 19, had a big impact on many promotions and on many levels all at once. It has been unprecedented and unpredictable. And our promotions are still dealing with the impact. ...

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Running Promotions on Social Media, Legally Speaking

Running a sweepstakes or contest on social media is an easy and engaging way to connect with your customers. However, if you violate platform or government policies, your promotion or social media page can get shut down. Here are a few tips to keep you on the right side of these platforms, and the law....

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How to Show Legal Tender Legally: Using Images of Money in Advertising

Did you know there are regulations and restrictions when using images of currency in advertising? The Counterfeit Detection Act of 1992 sets forth rules for how advertisers can use images of currency including the size, placement, color, and duration....

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NFTs, Legally Speaking

The latest blockchain craze is around NFTs. So what is an NFT, how could it be relevant in terms of marketing, and what are some of the legal concerns surrounding NFTs? ...

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New Research: CPG Loyalty Engage Report

Leading Loyalty Industry Association Loyalty360 and PrizeLogic Publish the Industry’s First-Ever CPG Loyalty Research Study...

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The CPRA and Targeted Advertising

California Privacy Rights Act - learn and comply with a whole new set of expanded requirements relating to your collection and use of consumer data...

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4 Ways Brands are Making a Positive Impact During Covid-19

From hashtag campaigns to virtual tip jars, brands have stepped up to support industries and workers affected by Covid-19...

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Sports Marketing Without Sports

With COVID-19, sports marketing is evolving to maintain fan engagement. Brands that leverage sports to connect with consumers are finding new ways to play to fan passions while the fields and courts are idle. ...

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3 Ways Restaurants Can Impact Their Delivery & Takeout Business

In these uncertain times, many restaurants are quickly adapting their delivery and takeout model to bolster sales. But, how can they continue to drive awareness and adoption of these channels when customers are conditioned to eating out? ...

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Three Questions Brands Should Ask Their Partners about CCPA

CCPA went into effect on January 1st and if your IT, technology, and data security teams set up a process and flow to comply before the start of this year, you’re off to a great start. But while you may be confident that you’re prepared as a company to deal with the CCPA, some nagging questions may still remain…...

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How To Utilize Trade-ins as Marketing Incentives

"The idea of using trade-ins to drive sales may conjure images of the automotive industry. But this marketing strategy is now being embraced by another less obvious category: food products."...

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4 Different Ways Brands Can Utilize Connected Packaging

In a recent Adweek article, PrizeLogic CMO, Matt Kates discusses four ways brands can transform a physical package into digital engagement. ...

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New Research: 2019 Prizing Engage Report

Insight on how different prizing influences the likelihood of consumers participating in online chance to win promotions. ...

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Marketer’s Guide To CCPA

California's new consumer privacy rights act (CCPA) will be taking effect in a matter of months and many organizations are struggling to interpret the new law and how they can ensure compliance with what is being called the beginning of "America's GDPR.”...

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New Research: 2019 Back To School Engage Report

PrizeLogic, the largest independent incentivized engagement company whose clients include PepsiCo, MillerCoors and Samsung released the results of its latest research study, “Back To School Engage Report”....

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3 Ways Brands Can Solidify a Brand Message Using Free and Publicly Available Assets

Not every aspect of strategies has to break the bank....

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The Newest Loyalty Incentive—Offering Stock In the Company

As brands invest more and more into strategies designed to foster greater loyalty from their customers, billions are being spent annually on CRM, consumer data, surprise and delight programs and more....

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4 Myths About Consumer Incentives

For years, marketers have leveraged a wide range of incentives such as coupons, rebates, sweepstakes and loyalty programs to motivate consumer behavior....

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New Research: Incentivized Engagement Report

Marketing Research Identifies How Brands Can Leverage Incentives to Motivate Behavior Across the Customer Journey...

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How Evoking Creativity From Children Can Lead To The Next Big Idea

Kids have quite a few tricks up their sleeves when given the right resources...

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How To Use Tech To Foster Short-Term Loyalty With Target Audiences

The solution for commitment-phobic marketers...

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Broadening The Role Of Business Advisor

As the General Counsel of PrizeLogic, I spend most of my days immersed in promotional, loyalty and incentives law....

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How Marketers Can Protect Themselves When “Crazy” Happens

When #16 seed University of Maryland-Baltimore County defeated #1 seed University of Virginia 74-to-54 this past Friday, Little Caesars generated a lot of excitement among pizza and basketball fans....

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HQ Trivia: Captivating Consumers, Stimulating Marketers

MediaPost Now that binge watching and time shifting are the new normal of media consumption, how do you explain the HQ Trivia app phenomenon?...

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3 Reasons Cryptocurrency Isn’t Worth Your Time

Don't make your company vulnerable with this volatile 'it' category...

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