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Three Questions Brands Should Ask Their Partners about CCPA

CCPA went into effect on January 1st and if your IT, technology, and data security teams set up a process and flow to comply before the start of this year, you’re off to a great start. But while you may be confident that you’re prepared as a company to deal with the CCPA, some nagging questions may still remain…...


PrizeLogic and Sportradar Announce Strategic Partnership

PrizeLogic and Sportradar Announce Strategic PartnershipSportradar, together creating a next-generation sports engagement solution...


How To Utilize Trade-ins as Marketing Incentives

"The idea of using trade-ins to drive sales may conjure images of the automotive industry. But this marketing strategy is now being embraced by another less obvious category: food products."...


4 Different Ways Brands Can Utilize Connected Packaging

In a recent Adweek article, PrizeLogic CMO, Matt Kates discusses four ways brands can transform a physical package into digital engagement. ...