PrizeLogic Engage™ Platform


First-party data informs planning and customization of future consumer engagements, marketing, and advertising.

Get insights and custom Consumer Audiences within hours, actionable across hundreds of platforms — including social, mobile and TV publishers — to guide digital advertising, content development, and site personalization.

Acquire Consumers

  • Generate New to File Opt-Ins
  • Acquire Loyalty Members
  • Drive App Downloads
  • Increase Promotion Participation

Optimize Communication

  • Improve Cost Efficiency
  • Increase Open Rates
  • Increase Relevancy
  • Identify Partners & Incentives

Drive Sales

  • Generate Foot Traffic
  • Increase Purchase Conversion
  • Increase Purchase Frequency
  • Cross-Sell Portfolio

Re-Engage Consumers

  • Reactivate Lapsed CRM Opt-Ins and Loyalty Members
  • Communicate With Non-CRM Consumers


Customer Data Management graphic with Activation section highlighted