POV: Real-Time Now Means Promo Time

While the first day of fall is not until September 22, we strongly believe the early winner for “buzz topic” of 2013 is “real-time”.   Our interpretation of real-time is that it started with social listening tools and provided brands with sentiment and also aided in community management…this led to brands like Gatorade to invest in its “Mission Control Center” over 3 years ago.  More recently brands are moving to develop new creative executions in near real-time and traffic as quickly as possible into paid media placements.  And yes, there was the much hyped Super Bowl blackout where brands from Oreos to Tide to Calvin Klein took to social media to deliver their spin.

Real-Time Marketing Fast Facts –

  • “Real-time marketing,” was coined and defined by noted Apple Marketer Regis McKenna in a paper he authored for the Harvard Business Review in 1995…visionary to say the least!
    (Read more From Rob Garners post and full story)
  • eMarketer reported in February that 53% or worldwide marketers planned to make greater use of real-time marketing data in campaigns in 2013.
  • Brands using our PrizeLogic platform realize significant Like and Follow increases especially for real-time fires drills where our engine can start and close as fast as 10 seconds based on consumers pouncing on the opportunity to click and score a prize.

Real-time Promotions:  Yes!  We have continued to evolve our promotional platforms to harness the power of delivering engaging real-time mechanics into programs triggered by real world events, such as:

  • Sports Scores and Milestones…here are a few;  First Score, OT, Final Score, 2 Point Conversion, Sack, No Hitter, Walk Off Home Run, Eagle, Hole In One… Endless options are available
  • Weather Milestones: Temperature, Humidity, Snow and Rain totals, Pollen Count
  • Holidays/Events…You can even make one up…we encourage it!
  • Real-time can include Fire Drills, Predictive Gaming, #Hashtag promotions, trending topic triggers…and more.

When a trigger point is activated, our proprietary real-time “Fire Drill” platform delivers messages via Facebook, Twitter and text message…the fastest responders win the limited supply of exclusive prizes and can also be entered into a sweepstakes!  Imagine a captive audience, anxiously awaiting your next digital marketing communication.

Here are 2 current programs where real-time moves are leveraged to deliver maximum consumer engagement;

Lay’s Stax “Play Game Day Kick Off”   https://www.facebook.com/LaysSTAX

Every Thursday night on the NFL Network game, the 1st score of the game trigger a Red Zone Score Alert fire drill and the first 1,000 Facebook users win a free coupon for Lay’s Stax.  Everyone has a chance to enter the Grand Prize Super Bowl trip so everyone has a chance to score!


Meijer “Rush to Savings   https://www.rushtosavings.com

A PepsiCo Shopper Marketing partnership leveraging their official NFL sponsorship through a season long predictive gaming promotion.  Meijer mPerks users choose their favorite team and if they win you score mPerks rewards loaded weekly onto your card, and if the team Rushes for more than 120 yards you score more!

What’s next?…it’s not too late for fall planning for Holidays, and then there is New Years, NFL and College Football, College Basketball, NBA, Hockey, Valentine’s Day, and more.

The creativity is all about what’s the trigger point.  Do you have one yet?  We suggest you have one in your back pocket as it may come in handy in a real-time meeting with the boss!   Cheers for now.

John Vail,   PrizeLogic CMO

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