At PrizeLogic we are constantly trying to cut through the promotion noise and not be known as just the “sweepstakes guys”. Sweeps have historically been an “enter for a chance to win and we will let you know if you won in 2 months”. Sounds a lot like the restaurant fish bowl for your business card. (Has anyone ever won one of those?) Hopefully, we can do better than this.

Some Real Time stats:
• A consumer is 22% more likely to respond to a message if done in real time *.
• When added to the marketing mix, real-time marketing provides a dramatic lift to consumer sentiment (16 percent lift)**,
• Purchase intent (14 percent lift)**,
• Interest (18 percent lift)**
• Likelihood to recommend (18 percent lift)**
• Seriously consider (18 percent)**.
• Marketers who cite the benefits of real-time marketing ***;
• 81% increased customer engagement
• 73% improved customer experience
• 59% increased conversion rates
• Earned Digital Responses increase 300% ****

The problem is a brand sees something happen and it’s too late to react. They missed their window and all those stats above are worthless…

We have fixed this with a platform that can launch a sweeps, instant win, hashtag promotion in a matter of minutes. You just need to plan ahead and be flexible when the time is right. We call it a “trigger point”…most brands have natural trigger points based on product attributes or marketing partnerships and sponsorships. Some triggers are sports related, but we have seen weather, real world milestones (hit 1 million followers/video views, etc), your spokesman wins an award, someone does a Selfie in the Oscars….

Good planning can make you more flexible and ready to pounce on the “in the wild” opportunities that cross our lives every day. You can keep these on the shelf until you are ready to use them. The best of all, you won’t get thrown in jail. We will make sure the promotions are totally compliant with all of your legal department’s needs.

As always we are happy to help you be ready. Football isn’t too late and our clients are talking about Holiday promotions NOW! Let’s pull the trigger together…and win in the marketplace.


Keith Simmons – PrizeLogic CEO

* emarketer October 2013
** http://therealtimereport.com/2014/03/24/88-of-digital-marketers-consider-realtime-marketing-critical-to-their-efforts/
*** Direct Marketing News (April, 2014)
****PL performance metrics for historical promotions

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