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    Our Customer Data Platform seamlessly combines industry leading insights with turnkey data activation to more effectively drive behavior across the customer journey.

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    Our turnkey solution that provides executional flexibility and cost savings, all within an expedited timeline.

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Capture consumer share of attention with advergames and differentiated brand engagements.

Advergames allow brands to engage consumers in fun and unique ways, often turning product features and benefits into relevant advantages during gameplay. An advergame can be a ‘just-for-fun’ experience, or give players a chance to win a prize or earn a reward. From turnkey branded or product-specific solutions, to custom-designed, multi-level gaming experiences, advergames become even more engaging when you include leaderboards, score sharing, or the ability for participants to challenge their friends to play.

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Which marketing objectives do advergames achieve?

  • Awareness
  • Brand Engagement
  • Brand Affinity
  • Product Education
  • Virality & Social Buzz
  • Social Activation & Engagement
  • Media Amplification & Impressions

Advergame types

Promotional Enhancements

Incorporate a sales driver into any promotion

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Better understand your promotion participants

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Drive program participation more efficiently with your existing media

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