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  • Our Platform

    Our Customer Data Platform seamlessly combines industry leading insights with turnkey data activation to more effectively drive behavior across the customer journey.

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    Our turnkey solution that provides executional flexibility and cost savings, all within an expedited timeline.

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Real-Time Promotions to Surprise and Delight Your Customers in the Moment

Nothing captures a consumer’s attention like reaching them with the right promotion at the right time in their lives. Our proprietary real-time, chance-to-win promotions give brands the ability to activate and engage consumers with real-time marketing based on real-life events. Sports scores, live event promotions, weather milestones, holidays, even days of the week or times of day can trigger an instant giveaway. We call these real-time marketing solutions “Fire Drills” because they grab consumer attention in the moment and create a sense of urgency, which translates into immediate consumer engagement and action.

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Which marketing objectives do real-time promotions achieve?

  • Awareness
  • Real-Time Activation
  • Event Activation
  • Sponsorship Activation
  • Product Sampling
  • New Product Introduction
  • Social Activation & Engagement
  • Efficient Offer Distribution
  • Sales, Demand, & Traffic Generation

Fire drill triggers

Promotional Enhancements

Incorporate a sales driver into any promotion

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Better understand your promotion participants

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Drive program participation more efficiently with your existing media

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