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    Our Customer Data Platform seamlessly combines industry leading insights with turnkey data activation to more effectively drive behavior across the customer journey.

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    Our turnkey solution that provides executional flexibility and cost savings, all within an expedited timeline.

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Instant Wins

Drive participation frequency with instant win games and experiences.

The prospect of immediate gratification ensures more frequent consumer engagement, which is why instant win programs are popular with brands as well as consumers. Participants find out if they’ve won in the moment, with winners selected randomly throughout the promotion period – either at “seeded” win times or based on their overall odds of winning.

Instant win experiences can take a variety of forms – from turnkey branded ‘spin-to-win’ or ‘scratch-to-reveal’ activities, to custom 3D animations or video-based engagements – and each experience can be a stand-alone program or leveraged in conjunction with a sweepstakes or other promotion type.

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Which marketing objectives do instant win promotions achieve?

  • Awareness
  • Brand Engagement
  • Education
  • Data Acquisition
  • Customer Acquisition
  • Data Acquisition
  • Email Acquisition
  • Social Acquisition
  • Loyalty Acquisition
  • SMS Acquisition
  • Mobile App Download
  • Mobile App/Cross-Channel Trial, Adoption & Usage
  • Sales & Traffic Generation (when tied to purchase)
  • Media Spend Activation

Instant Win Types

Promotional Enhancements

Incorporate a sales driver into any promotion

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Better understand your promotion participants

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Drive program participation more efficiently with your existing media

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