Sitting here, well into the month of June, the most popular season is right around the corner…Football Season.  I know…after braving another Michigan Winter, the last thing I want to do is rush through summer without enjoying it, but let’s be honest, when talking about seasons in the marketing world, football season is our summer and the Super Bowl is our Independence Day!

So why bring up football season when summer has barely even begun?  Because this is the time of year when you are putting together your marketing game play for the remainder of the year, and what’s the most popular prize awarded?  Super Bowl Experiences.  But if you are thinking about giving away that dream Super Bowl experience this year, you better plan ahead, and plan on spending a bit more than usual.

Early indications are showing that Super Bowl package pricing is up nearly 30% from 2015’s big game in Phoenix, and that’s before accounting for airline tickets. 

There are several contributing factors to the increase in costs:

Levi’s Stadium in Santa Clara is smaller than the University of Phoenix Stadium

Santa Clara, CA is almost 60% “richer” than Phoenix, meaning higher cost on hotels, transportation, entertainment, and many other elements that comprise the typical Super Bowl Package.  (Game is in Santa Clara, CA)

Expectations for teams most likely to make the game are teams that drive market prices up, and have a well-traveled fan base.

Super Bowl Packages have always been a significant part of fall promotions, and this year will be no different.  Just make sure you plan ahead for it. 


Roy Krauthhamer

SVP, Operations

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