Fire Drills

Engage consumers in real-time

Fire Drills are a type of chance to win promotion that give brands the ability to activate and engage consumers based on real-life and real-time events. Sports scores, events, weather milestones, holidays, days of the week, or times of day can trigger Fire Drills. Brands can also publish Fire Drills manually via their social accounts or other owned and paid media channels. Once a Fire Drill goes live, the fastest consumers to reach the engagement site get the limited-time, limited-quantity offer or reward until they’ve all been claimed. Fire Drills can also have a sweepstakes overlay as a consolation prize or way to incentivize pre-registration.

What Marketing Objectives Do Fire Drills Address?

Real-Time Activation
At-Event Engagement
Sponsorship Activation
Product Sampling
New Product Introduction

Social Activation & Engagement
Media Amplification & Impressions
Media Spend Optimization
Efficient Offer Distribution
Brand Ambassador Identification
Sales, Demand, & Traffic Generation

All Work