Instant Win Sweepstakes and Contests

Drive participation frequency

An instant win is a game of chance where participants find out if they’ve won or lost instantly. These digital experiences can take many forms including scratch-off reveals, slot machines, match-games, spin-to-wins, and other custom gamified experiences all designed to drive engagement and participation frequency. Instant wins can be used as a stand-alone, or in conjunction with a sweepstakes or other promotion type. Brands can also gate the experience so that participants must make a purchase to play the game. Purchase validation methods can include receipt upload, on-pack codes, codes on receipt, or direct shopper card or app integration. By purchase-gating promotions, brands are also collecting valuable sales data and insights.

What Marketing Objectives Do Instant Wins Address?

Brand Engagement
Data Acquisition
Customer Acquisition

  • Data Acquisition
  • Email Acquisition
  • Social Acquisition
  • Loyalty Acquisition
  • SMS Acquisition
  • Mobile App Download

Mobile App/Cross-Channel Usage
Mobile App/Cross-Channel Trial & Adoption
Mobile App/Cross-Channel Exploration
Sales, Demand, & Traffic Generation (when purchase gated)
Media Spend Amplification
Media Spend Activation

All Work