Loyalty Programs

Improve sales and retention via deeper relationships

Loyalty programs are designed by brands to deepen customer relationships, increase retention, and ultimately drive higher customer lifetime value by rewarding members with currency for completing incremental brand-valued actions in exchange for a guaranteed reward or chance-to-win prize. There is no one-size fits all approach to loyalty. Loyalty program structures can vary widely based on core objectives, budget, and reward preferences, and include:
– Engagement Loyalty
– Gift with Purchase
– Punch Card Loyalty
– Points-Based Loyalty

Each loyalty program is custom built after a collaborative scoping engagement with the sponsoring brand. Programs typically employ a combination of engagement and transactional tactics to drive loyalty beyond the transaction.
Driving sales is often a primary objective for loyalty programs, and there are many available purchase validation methods for brands based on packaging restrictions, liability/risk tolerance, and planned reward strategy that include:
– Receipt upload
– On-pack codes
– Codes on receipt
– Direct shopper card integration
– Direct app integration

What Marketing Objectives Does Loyalty Address?

Brand Engagement
Brand Affinity
Data Acquisition
Customer Acquisition
Customer Insights
Content Creation & Sharing
Mobile App Download
Mobile App/Cross-Channel Trial & Adoption
Sales & Traffic Drivers
Cross-Selling Portfolio

Purchase Frequency
Customer Retention
Customer Loyalty
Customer Advocacy & Referrals
Brand Ambassador Identification
Reviews & Testimonials
Lapsed Customer Engagement
Product Education
Surprise & Delight
Media Spend Optimization & Amplification

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