Boost acquisition and awareness

One of the original chance to win solutions is still one of the most popular because of its low participation barrier and simplicity of execution. Sweepstakes can integrated into a variety of channels and take many forms, including social hashtags, mobile apps, and text to enter. Brands can also gate a sweepstakes so that consumers must make a purchase to participate. Purchase validation methods can include receipt upload, on-pack codes, codes on receipt, or direct shopper card or app integration. By purchase gating promotions, brands are also collecting valuable sales data and insights.

What Marketing Objectives Do Sweepstakes Address?

Data Acquisition
Customer Acquisition

  • Email Acquisition
  • Social Acquisition
  • Loyalty Acquisition
  • SMS Acquisition
  • Mobile App Download

Mobile App/Cross-Channel Usage
Mobile App/Cross-Channel Trial & Adoption
Mobile App/Cross-Channel Exploration
Sales, Demand, & Traffic Generation (when purchase gated)
Media Spend Optimization (Increased response rates and actionable CTA

All Work